The Sidereal Clock

The Sidereal Clock is a cylindrical timepiece with 4 dedicated movements providing local sidereal time, local UTC time (hour and minute) and calendrical time. The sidereal movement is populated by representations of the 500 brightest stars in the celestial sphere, and a solar movement is integrated with the sidereal movement to track the location of the sun against the fixed stars throughout the year. The Sidereal Clock automatically adjusts itself to GMT time when powered on, and local conditions are set with a simple rotation of the selector for the local UTC time zone and the local longitude. The user can also adjust these selectors at any time to yield the time or indicate the overhead stars anywhere on Earth.

Limited edition production scheduled for 2017. Final options, including graphics, color schemes and pricing will be available in early 2017.

Graphic Overview and Specifications

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Additional items from the Time and Space collection are coming soon.

Simple Machines

The Simple Machines Collection is a set of functional tools developed to accentuate the commonality and operational simplicity of the fundamental elements of all machines - the lever, inclined plane, wedge, wheel/axle, screw and pulley.

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Instruments & Implements

Similar to the Time and Space Collection, the Instruments and Implements Collection seeks to reimagine approaches used in the measurement and representation of physical parameters and everyday phenomena. The Instruments and Implements Collection features devices that remove levels of abstraction from these representations, fostering a better understanding of the phenomena themselves.

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